Friday, October 13, 2017

Diamond Wedding Engagement Ring

A common joke we hear is that "a diamond is forever ... and so are the payments." But this need not be the case when you buy yours from Diamond Distribution and Polishing (DDP). 

Right now, for a limited time only, you can get a beautiful pair of 0.81 total carats round Brilliant Diamonds, G Color, VS2 Clarity, GIA certified as Triple Excellent at an amazing price.

wedding engagement ring best price

Contact DDP for the price as it is too low to publish ...

About: DDP is an international supplier of white, fancy colored diamonds, fine jewelry & gemstones.

Friday, June 9, 2017

What Are The Complimentary Items In A Banquet Package ....

When planning for your wedding banquet, it is useful to know what comes complimentary. This will not only help you plan better, but know what to negotiate for. The following is "standard" in Singapore ....

- Complimentary drinks
- Wedding invitation cards for up to 70% of your confirmed guest list (sufficient)
- Floral centerpieces/decor on all tables
- Waiver of corkage charge for duty-paid and sealed bottles of alcohol of some sort
- Reserved VIP parking (usually for the bridal car)
- Car passes for up to 20% of your guaranteed guest list (No need to ask for more. This is usually more than sufficient)
- Wedding guestbook and token box
- Wedding cake (one tier only for cake cutting with the rest pre-packaged)
- Champagne bottle and fountain
- A night’s stay in Bridal Suite/Room (if the venue has any)

One way to squeeze a bit more out of your banquet is to pay via your credit card. Call to ask for a temporary credit increase saying it is your wedding. This should earn some decent points for your credit card's reward scheme.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Latest Trend in Wedding Day Photography

Live Wedding Day Photography

Singapore couples are well-known to push the boundary to make their wedding day extra special and, more importantly, different from their peers. The latest “wow!” factor that is taking Singapore by storm is the use of interactive platforms that allow photos of the wedding to be instantly shared with family and friends.

This not only helps to share the couple’s special moments with all their friends and family in Singapore (and around the world), but its interactive nature creates an engaging and personal experience that makes the wedding something to remember forever.

To find out more about this advanced live wedding day photography technology, contact us for a no obligation demonstration and discussion.

latest trend in actual day photography singapore

P.S. The package comes with Lifetime Cloud Storage.